Leasing Options

There are many options we can offer you when considering leasing with Rent to Retain.

Advantages of leasing include:

  • Minimal capital outlay – just monthly payments
  • Flexible terms (12-60 months)
  • New or near new equipment
  • Access to the most up-to-date technology improving operator satisfaction, OH&S and overall efficiencies
  • Competitive leasing rates
  • Scheduled servicing and maintenance included in the monthly rates

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Types of leasing offered by Rent to Retain include:

Hire Option Purchase

The preferred option for small businesses looking for tailored flexibility.

The hire option purchase is tailored at the commencement of the agreement to meet individual customer requirements.  The customer purchases the machinery at the conclusion of the agreed leasing term. The size of this payment is determined by the size of the deposit and the monthly hire payments.

Benefit: The asset ultimately sits with the customer with individual finance terms negotiated at the outset of the agreement.

 Operating Lease –

The preferred option for high-use machinery.

Rent to Retain maintains ownership of the machinery and provides the customer with exclusive use of the machinery for 12-60 months in return for monthly leasing repayments. 

Benefit: The asset does not show up on the balance sheet so machinery repayments do not affect gearing levels.